Autoplant: The Seamless Orchestration of IoT and AI in Logistics

CIO Vendor Many businesses have already discovered the advantages of going digital; however, the unpredictable nature of fuel costs, lack of visibility of assets in logistics, huge turnaround time in plant premises, safety checks compliances, road safety and a changing regulatory environment, continue to make operations challenging. Inefficiencies caused by a lack of visibility create considerable costs. As industry regulations force transportation and logistics organizations to do more with less, profitability is threatened. With the advent of today’s AI and the Internet of Things (IoT), enterprises can accelerate productivity, profitability and operations with solutions designed specifically for their processes. With the right top notch sensor technologies in place, enterprises get actionable insight called as the Enterprise Asset Intelligence which improves business capabilities and decision makings.

Mumbai based Autoplant System India Private Limited has built an end-to-end platform that takes care of every activity in the entire supply chain. This platform creates a synergy of market, cutting-edge software, and management tools to deliver solutions within the realm of newer wave of technology. From placing an order to tracking all the activities of the vehicles, the software platform of Autoplant System considers the orders on the basis of ‘First come, first serve’ and transporters tied up with their shippers, serve these contracts. It is an enhanced version of OTP (Order to payment) cycle incorporated in a single platform that tracks in and out premise movements of trucks, monitors gate-in/out, enhances real-time visibility and operates EPOD. The increased utility of AI tools and IoT in Logistic sector has redesigned the end-to-end business verticals of cement, chemical, FMCG, manufacturing and logistics companies. Autoplant’s logistics solutions use high sensing technologies integrated with intelligent software that delivers mobility while providing a Monthly Fleet Performance Review to make informed decisions about fleet and drivers.

Autoplant focuses the AI and IoT synergy in logistics sector that lets real-time vehicle and consignment tracking to customers and supervisors, creating a smooth, optimized delivery schedule and supply chain. The vehicle tracking solution provider, specifically provides readymade workflow to all involved stakeholders in logistics i.e. Shippers, Transporters/3PL and CFA/ dealers and retailers.

Ensuring Destination Delight
The logistic sector is incomplete without the on-time delivery part of the whole transaction. Autoplant handles sales and response in logistic sector. To ensure ‘On-Time Delivery’ the company incorporates 3 types of analytics. First is the Predictive Analysis based on the historical data, in which the company predicts and guides the users for the forthcoming event or action to be taken. Second is the Inline Analytics which sends alerts and updates users about the current events.
The third is the Post mortem Analytics to let users drill the reports further for planning better in the future and counseling drivers for the driving behavior.

Autoplant proffers reduced dependency on paperwork and increased visibility of trucks within and outside the plants

Machine learning, IoT and AI are rapidly changing the logistics challenges into an opportunity. Sensors, Geospatial tracking, and the cloud enabled products & services embed information into products and the vehicles transporting them, thereby leaving a trail of data. AI and IoT via predictive analysis distill business insights, letting the shareholders, freight forwarders, 3PL firms and enterprises to make informed and profitable decisions. The biggest enabler of IoT and AI of this company is the JRM solution (Journey Risk Management) which is voice based assistance software that guides the drivers. One such real time instance where the JRM up scales the safety part of is when a vehicle passes through a nearby school route, the driver is automatically alerted in advance by a voice support assistance to slow down the speed below a certain limit. These small and vital features categorize the risks in high, medium, or low based on factors like road condition, road width and accident prone sites. The drivers are guided for the next POIs at right point in time to take precautionary action.

Safety is a major area of concern in logistics along with on-time accurate delivery. Autoplant diligently works on this area with its Immobilizer-a device placed in the fuel pump that gets automatically activated when the truck deviates from the planned and optimized route. Yet another safety measure taken by the company is the Lock and Key-a digitized version of traditional lock and key system. Each container carrying the goods are locked digitally that is equipped with one tracking and activation code that gets activated and sends off alert in case of consignment opening in unauthorized places.

The Business’s ‘As -will’ Scenario
Autoplant proffers reduced dependency on paperwork and increased visibility of trucks within and outside the plants (in-transit). The company vies to improve the safety issue of drivers by controlling the standards of vehicles ‘in plant’ and reduce the pilferages. It is poised to provide a solid platform to measure KPIs, logistics related metrics and reduce in-plant TAT. The company is all set to capture next gen technologies in B2B and B2C and get real time decisions in optimal level. These allow Autoplant to create a thriving environment for clients with its customer-focused and shared-information strategies in logistic sector. Autoplant’s solution seamlessly connects the entire logistic chain of manufacturing plants. Being the lifeline of businesses, logistic is outclassing the traditional layers of inefficiencies with Autoplant’s comprehensive customized end-to-end solutions.