Cuckoo Tech: Redefining Customer Engagement through Gamified HR Systems

CIO Vendor The advancement in the workforce management technology has empowered businesses with better visibility and insights of their workforce processes. There has been increase in implementation of tools and procedures that enable them to improve business objectives while aligning employee schedules, engagement and cost. Mumbai headquartered Cuckoo Tech understands that across various industries, from manufacturing to service sector, to a multi location retail store, every industry and company has some unique requirements. Therefore, for a change, Cuckoo Tech’s Time & Attendance platform allows clients to create their own rules.

In every organization, HR managers run behind people over unmarked attendance, and leave application issues. Dhwani Mehta, Founder, Cuckoo Tech explains that the most common reason is ineffective communication with employees, and the constrained nature of their engagement with the attendance systems. This particular pain point is addressed with the hint of sensitivity and maturity using Cuckoo Tech- India’s only gamified employee engagement attendance system. This system motivates employees to put their attendance in return for rewards. “We are not just focusing on creating automation solution; we are creating better work-culture practices in India”, says Dhwani.

Cuckoo Tech’s gamified approach with mobile attendance has allowed employees to mark attendance on the move with required rules while earning points

Moreover, as the employees are under tremendous pressure due to higher targets, quick turnaround time expectations and strict monitoring. In Indian organizations pressure-points are too many and pleasures spots too few for the employees. Cuckoo Tech responded to this via their gamified Cuckoo Tech solutions. The gamified attendance platform gives points on every action done on the attendance system, creating a gaming environment; real time leader-board is seen, finally leading to rewards and recognition. This in turn motivates the employees to adhere to company Attendance & Leave policies.
Organizations with huge contractor staffing, need a robust attendance solution to track the deployment of resources to the billing of such contractors. Worst case scenarios, attendances get complicated and critically linked to revenues. This also accounts for one of the most complex episodes. This area has proven to be a successful business case implemented by Cuckoo Tech across various verticals and domain ranging from PSU, manufacturing, IT, BPO, Hospitality, Retail and Service industry.

Cuckoo Tech registered success through their solution-approach. Cuckoo Tech’s offering is an aggregation of Real time biometric attendance over the cloud (IoT), shift management, contractor management linked to compliance, and access blacklisting in case of defaulting of rules. “It is important here to note that it’s not just assemblage of features. Everything is designed to create the solution for contractor related attendance issues”, adds Dhwani.

Approach that Differentiates the Team
Besides, with all flexi Attendance rules, companies still require maintaining attendance register as per state ACTs. In such conditions, employees are mandated to mark attendance on daily basis. Cuckoo Tech’s gamified approach with mobile attendance has allowed employees to mark attendance on the move with required rules while earning points. Bringing a brand new level of user experience for Attendance system, Cuckoo Tech is able to achieve great results with respect to motivating the employees to mark / regularize the attendance on daily basis. One of the partners from South Korea, Virdi, having presence in 75+ countries, strengthens Cuckoo Tech’s claim to cater to a Global market.

Cuckoo Tech is capable of offering one hardware-one software for global companies with local hardware support. Virdi’s fake and live finger patented technology acts as a perfect solution for all companies adhering to security compliance. Virdi comes with a bunch of features from patented sensors to template management on the cloud, thus reducing the implementation efforts and the consequent ongoing support service cost. One of Cuckoo Tech’s clients, a PSU company, was surfacing bottlenecks due to their complex shift and working hour’s rules. Cuckoo Tech integrated more than 350+ biometric machines for real time data. Following this, Cuckoo Tech studied their requirements and in the next two months, went live.

Being a focused HR technology company, Cuckoo Tech keeps surveying the emerging HR needs with meetings PAN-India. Based on the insights gathered during these discussions with Industry stalwarts, our technology team builds future ready solutions. Now Aadhaar being mandatory, Cuckoo is looking forward to putting Aadhaar to effective use at various stages for employee data management.