Extreme Networks: The Networking Elasticity with Enhanced IoT

CIO Vendor Businesses have started to experience the networking phenomenon with IoT. Driven by a huge increase in the number of connected devices and the amount of data transiting between networks, the networking norms have changed. Today, for brick and mortar sectors, the threat that digitization pose to traditional method is - real. Online sales continue to demonstrate rapid growth with billions of dollars spent every day, siphoning money away from physical stores. IoT is being positioned as the enabling technology in the pervasive consumerization of technology. Only an appropriate network can deliver a successful plan that does not comprise with security, provide powerful backup, speed and connectivity. Given that IoT represents a 24x365 requirement, always ‘on availability’ becomes an important consideration, just as much as security and an efficient, scalable, and virtualization-friendly Data Center network does.

In the context of the IoT, end-point devices – often unattended – need to be deployed in real-time, without the requirement for IT intervention or manual configuration, but with a centralized, business-centric policy engine controlling connectivity. Many conventional networks, including those offering virtualization capabilities, remain constrained by the original VLAN specification that severely limits the number of unique services to just over few thousands. However, in an IoT world, micro-segmentation is seen as crucial to delivering both scalability and isolation-based security. Edge-only provisioning can be executed in real-time, and this delivers radical improvements to service agility. With no requirement for maintenance windows, the time that a business requires to wait to make network changes can be dramatically reduced.

Re-defining networks with software, based out of North America, with 5 global sale locations in India, Extreme Networks builds better connections by responding in real-time to user needs. With its open technology, Extreme Networks’s technologies and products have been adopted by users across the world that facilitates the fully automatic attachment of end-points, such as embedded systems devices. This empowers businesses to dynamically deploy devices and services in a highly scaled and virtualized world. The designed triad of Extreme Networks proffers ‘Cloud optimization’, ‘edge-to-edge infrastructure’ and ‘management software & security’. This triad ropes in wireless network access, wired switching, extended network control from on-premise and software which manages, secures and analyzes users, devices and applications. The company delivers ‘Automated Policy-enabled Edge’, Distributed Wireless Management, Analytics, Performance Management, Security and Identity Control and Agile Data Center with Cross Domain Automation.

‘Extreme’ At-A-Glance
As the only company in the industry solely focused on end-to-end enterprise networking solutions, Extreme Networks is uniquely equipped to help organizations, both large and small, leveraging their networks to build stronger connections with their customers, partners, employees, and guests. Being a company with over USD 600M annual revenue, the company is investing in the engineering, operations, marketing and sales resources needed to accelerate the delivery of innovative solutions.
This achievement has seen the advent of New Extreme Networks - the extension of Extreme Networks with acquisition of Enterasys Networks to ensure customer’s investments are protected through increased R&D. From education, hospitality, healthcare to retail, Extreme Networks combines world-class products with a global perspective to build nimble networks to deliver tighter connection and drive real bottom-line results. With the rapid acceleration of digital transformation of the organizations, the network infrastructure must be made fully operational and adaptive to realize full transformation. The Extreme Networks Fabric Connect technology up scales its foundation on the Shortest Path Bridging standard, supports scalability to more than 16 million unique services.

Extreme Networks makes it possible for the network of the organizations to handle manual functions automatically, reducing the potential for error and accelerating time-to-service

Extreme Networks Fabric Connect isolates individual end-points and services from each other, delivering a true capability called “stealth networking”. This unique capability is very complementary to defense in-depth and specialist overlay services, assisting in risk mitigation. This helps prevent compromised IoT-based systems, such as HVAC, from becoming the launch-point for a network-wide attack. Proactively compartmentalizing the network and data has long been a requirement for security-conscious businesses; IoT now makes this a very real consideration for all. It is neither feasible nor desirable to pre-provision every possible application segment at every Edge node. Fabric Connect empowers network connectivity – VLAN, QoS, Policy to be dynamically extended to the Edge. Individual networking sessions may last only minutes, hours, or perhaps days. Regardless, what’s pertinent is that service is automatically provisioned without manual pre-configuration or intervention. Similarly, once a session terminates, the now-redundant networking configuration is automatically undone, removed from the Access node and consigned to history.

The Simplicity of a Powerful Networking Architecture
Embedding ‘automation and integration’ delivers a more agile network. “Applications, devices, and users view the networks as a simple connectivity utility, one that automatically reconfigures itself when changes occur”, says Subhasish Gupta, Regional Director, Extreme Networks (India & SAARC). Extreme Networks makes it possible for the network of the organizations to handle manual functions automatically, reducing the potential for error and accelerating time-to-service. An automated core takes advantage of a single, network-wide Ethernet Fabric to remove the need for manual configuration at each network hoop-the feature inbuilt in one of the product of Extreme Networks, SDN Fx. This empowers the network to quickly respond to changing business requirements with precision and flexibility. The architecture delivers end-to-end simplicity, from the Data Center all the way through to the Network Edge. Extreme Networks Networking solutions support massive scalability, dwarfing the limitations of traditional technologies.