FT Solutions: Emphasizing Each Facet of Organizations with SAP

CIO Vendor When Systems, Applications and Products in Data Processing (SAP) were founded in June, 1972, it was centered to only big businesses. However, over a period of time, small and medium size companies adopted SAP towards achieving organizational goals and today SAP is the leader in enterprise applications. SAP has seeped into various industrial sectors-pharmaceuticals, automobiles and auto ancillary etc. Automobile and ancillary industry is one such sector which is highly impacted with customer preferences, responsive supply chain, digitization and increasing automation.

Mumbai based F.T. Solutions expert and experienced SAP team offers best-in-class solutions for Automotive Industry to innovate faster, increase efficiency and adopt new trends in the industry more seamlessly and without any disruption. SAP Mobility, IOT and Integrator expert – FT Solutions helps Automotive and other companies in reimagining digitized business models across the industry value chain, powered by next generation technologies, including Mobility, IOT and etc. The company focuses on the mobility aspect, ease of doing the transactions and getting more information for better analysis and decision making.

FT solutions develops mobile applications on various platforms like - IOS, Android and SAP UI5 technology and integrates them with SAP for various approval processes, Procure to Pay process Order to Cash process, Production Processes including entire automation of Warehouse Management and control.

From brand perspective, FT Solutions is concentrating on Bar-coding as well as IoT solutions deployed in big Automotive, Pharma and Chemical companies. The company stands out as the differentiator when it comes down to building automation tools and solutions for seamless integration of all relevant Real-time data within the system while eliminating human errors.
Seamless Integration of native apps with Custom Applications
FT Solutions collaborates with the customers who are already using SAP and are facing challenges in their business operation-manufacturing, dispatch, production and inventory management at the plant level or any other operations. After years of implementing SAP and other applications, many companies find it difficult to integrate upgraded versions and update the systems resulting in redundancy. Here, FT Solutions with its project planning undertakes consulting, training, testing, system buildup, Live-support and helps companies execute the planned project with customized Mobile UI and Personalized Dashboards. The shared objectives of the client and FT Solution proffer Talent Optimization that strategically extends the e-Marketplace. The company engages with the prospective and existing customers to enable creation of enterprise-grade applications using a single development platform that exchanges data between traditional back-end systems to multiple mobile devices.

The shared objectives of the client and FT Solution proffer Talent Optimization that strategically extends the e-Marketplace

The recent deployment of integrated Barcode technology and IOT based weighbridge integration with SAP by the company maximizes the productivity of the clients that provides far-reaching and profound effects in the businesses. The service of FT Solution shares the Real-time data and information with entire organization, giving management the opportunity to make data-driven assessments and decisions.

The indispensible tool of SAP
The global experience and market hints towards a significant shift of native operations in an organization to more automated and efficient workflow. This shift counts for closing the gap between ground reality and the need of structured SAP solutions. FT solutions with its Mobility apps, Bar-code integration and IOT based services and SAP is helping large and medium scale organizations in huge saving in terms of Man-Hours and RoI. Being an SAP Silver Partner and Authorized Re-seller the company is focusing more into customer engagement in these vital areas while outreaching to other geographic areas across India and overseas.