Greytip: Full Throttle Towards HR Process Digitization

CIO Vendor Over the last few decades, HR technology has been disrupting employee management space streamlining HR operations with statutory compliance requirements. More so, businesses look forward to integrated HR system that can eliminate the need for costly IT interventions while promoting enhanced productivity and engagement through the employee life-cycle. Having in-depth understanding of nuances of HR & Payroll, Bangalore headquartered Greytip Software Private Limited has been driving employee engagement since 1994. Greytip Software Private Limited provides end to end HR software solutions such as employee information management, leave and attendance management, and compensation to name a few.

Payroll Processors and Chartered Accountants using Greytip software to service their clients, is a testament to the flexibility and depth of Greytip’s product. “The principle is simple - reduce human intervention with a view towards eliminating errors and improving employee engagement”, explains Girish Rowjee, Co founder and CEO, Greytip Software, when asked about Greytip’s digitalization journey in the HR domain. Greytip’s Employee Self-Service (ESS) portal testifies this vision. By offering employees direct access to all their payroll, leave and attendance-related information on a real-time basis, it reduces the need to reach out to HR or tracing emails to meet their information requirements. The ESS portal also offers approval workflows for leave and attendance, with access to all the requisite information in one place. This further reduces confusion and the need for HR intervention resulting in higher productivity and engagement through the employee life-cycle, thus improving business outcomes. With the ESS features, the employee can initiate leaves requests, expense claims, etc. at their convenience and with no intervention. Employees can easily access information related to payouts, income tax, company policies etc. An employee can view their payslips, total earnings statements, PF and YTD statements. Details related to loans like installments paid, balance payable, etc. can also be viewed without having to wait for an HR response.

greytHR’s Data Rule
Organizations have complex requirement to manage auto shifts and overtime to maintain time attendance and payroll. By integrating seamlessly with the payroll module, greytHR facilitates uninterrupted flow of attendance data from discrete sources into payroll system. Moreover, to prevent incorrect salary computation, inputs related to employees’ time, attendance and leave are synced and passed on as payroll inputs, thus creating automation from attendance punch to payslip. Greytip’s powerful leave rules engine empowers HR to adopt new policies and implement the same without fear of software customization and additional costs associated with the same. “greytHR integrates with almost all attendance hardware providers so no manual attendance muster preparation is required”, adds Girish.
Greytip recently announced its partnership with Matrix Access Control, one of the leading providers of attendance hardware. The partnership has strengthened greytHR’s integration with multiple location attendance hardware that further eliminates coordination with respective locations for attendance processing.

One of the biggest advantages that greytHR brings to an organization is the accuracy on the Payroll statutory calculations

greytHR provides the flexibility and freedom for HR to enforce company policy. This further assists to build a professional image of the company's HR practices and positively impacts overall employer branding. Automatic recording of transactions eliminates manual work for HR to collect and store leave data. Additionally, a seamless year end process will automatically roll-over accruals or encash or lapse unavailed balances to the next leave year, eliminating a time-consuming year end activity, thereby eliminating revenue loss by a reliable, fair and transparent leave accounting practice. And correspondingly, one of the biggest advantages that greytHR brings to an organization is the accuracy on the Payroll statutory calculations.
In addition to number calculations, greytHR also enables clients to generate a wide array of Forms and Registers that are required to be mandatorily generated. Compliance report generation thus becomes easier and organizations can ensure that they are always filing and completing their obligations accurately on time.

Introducing Automation
One of Greytip’s clients, Base Education Services was handling its end-to-end HR activities using basic, time-consuming and largely manual processes. The desktop HR tool in use, coupled with the use of MS Excel, did not serve the needs of a company with over 400 employees. Processes ranging from candidate on-boarding to payroll, compliances and providing employee letters were handled without any automation in place. In December 2016, greytHR’s Payroll and CoreHR modules were implemented at BASE. It met all their basic requirements, such as- Quick and automated payroll process, One-time employee on-boarding process, Issuing employee letters by selecting and using in-built and custom letter templates, and Mass employee communications via alerts, push notifications.

Adhering to the rapid adoption and assimilation of newer models and technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Data Mining, Predictive Analytics, Greytip intends to incorporate these technologies into our products and enable their clients to leverage these as they manage and grow their businesses. Having served a wide customer base across India, UAE, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Bahrain and Kuwait, the organization’s actions are underway to propound its software and services to small organizations in other East Asian and African regions.