KriyaTec: Driving Next Level of Enterprise Automation for SME’s Through Cutting Edge Technologies

CIO Vendor KriyaTec IT Systems based out of Chennai, India and California, US helps SME’s drive transformation in automation by employing cutting edge technologies that reduce costs, improve efficiency and enhance profitability. The company specializes in Artificial Intelligence (AI), Blockchain, Robotics Process Automation (RPA) and Internet of Things (IoT). Kriyatec has proven expertise in Application Re-engineering and Product Engineering.

KriyaTec strives to communicate the fact that Process Automation, Bitcoin, Machine learning and Artificial Intelligence are not only for the large businesses and multi-nationals. Mid segment organizations and even SME’s can benefit from these cutting edge technologies with appropriate help and expertise. Shrugging off the notion that customising off-the shelf ERP products is usually costly and compromises with the core differentiating processes for the organisation, KriyaTec brings in cost effective expertise in building applications (desktop and mobile) for manufacturing, Healthcare, BFSI, Logistics and Services industries across India and Overseas.

Enhancing Enterprise value through next level of automation
KriyaTec has developed and implemented a design architecture map to integrate in-house data with cloud BI tool in Healthcare, Fintech, Industrial Automation and Logistics sectors. To enhance the enterprise value through the next level of automation, KriyaTec team has developed rare expertise in cutting edge technologies that has facilitated projects currently live in US, GCC and the Indian sub-continent. The company has raised the axis of automation by spawning the emergence of modern web and mobile application development platform keeping intact the client’s needs. This incorporation necessitated enterprises in tapping the SME’s from across the world and sharing expertise in driving the next wave of automation and digital transformation for them while building custom web and mobile applications easily, quickly and securely.

At KriyaTec, an extensive audit of the legacy systems is done for the client organisation and then an application suite is recommended. It can be from web, desktop and mobile applications, REST API. Micro services, Application Re-engineering, Data migration and Cloud integration services. KriyaTec’s development team has expertise in Java / J2EE, Microsoft Database / No SQL and other technologies. KriyaTec provides ERP solutions in open source as well as windows based platforms.

The company develops an Approved Change Management System with the client’s IT team. This is followed by the Change Management Timeline. The company works on 3 environments. Development environment is native to KriyaTec’s development team.
Once the development is over, the code to the Staging Environment which is similar to the Production environment takes place. Users on the client’s side are allowed to test cases in their native environment without affecting the production servers.

Once the UAT is signed off, Production environment receives the code and the application is made live. Lastly, these are followed by a Release Management Document and a sign-off from the client. All the releases are pre-planned and have adequate BCP (Business Continuity Plan) support.

KriyaTec team has developed rare expertise in cutting edge technologies that has facilitated projects currently live in US, GCC and the Indian sub-continent

Ensuring Powerful Quality with 7 step process
Company plans to add a headcount of 60 to 100 developers and designers across disciplines in 2018. Kriyatec will start development for 5 new clients in the 1st Qtr of 2018.

The company follows a 7 step development to deployment process:
• Pre-Analyze – In this phase the company understands the client requirements, converts them into a technical brief (URS) and prepares a high level development plan along with timelines.
• Product Backlog – The KriyaTec team of Business Analysts and Subject Matter Experts document the functional and non-functional requirements as user stories.
• Sprint Planning - Client, Product owner, Development & Testing teams prepare and sign-off the sprint plan based on the availability of the team hours and the technical specs. This makes it very transparent and inclusive.
• Development & Testing - During the development phase, the code is reviewed by the technical lead and unit testing is also done by the peer developers. Once the development is over, the testing team starts usability testing with the test cases documented earlier(user stories). The feedback is shared with the development team and the fixes are deployed for testing. This process is repeated till a 100 percent deployable code is received.
• Release - The application is made available in the client environment for their review. Based on the agreed client feedback, the application is updated for live production. Any additional requirements, not part of the story board are added to the product backlog for the next sprint planning.
• Sprint Closure & Review - During the sprint closure, the overall open points for the sprint is discussed and moved into the product backlog for the following sprints, if required. The respective reports are then finally sent to the client.