TechTree IT Systems: Not Just Creating but Retaining Loyal Customers

CIO Vendor New technologies like mobile, the Internet of Things, and social have given businesses the ability to conceive new paradigms in loyalty entirely, moving well beyond what we see in the marketplace today. Fundamentally, technology is changing the very nature of the relationship between consumers and brands, moving away from the one-way, transactional structures of yore to a more holistic, always-on dialogue between equals. Deploying the best of technologies and assisting organizations to build and grow a community of loyal customers, Noida headquartered TechTree IT Systems was established in the year 2006. Since its inception, TechTree has been providing solutions to some of the largest e-commerce, Travel, Media and Banking portals in Asia, including Fortune 500s.

Customer retention is the key challenge for any service provider worldwide. Creating an adhesive relation is critical to customer loyalty, reducing churn and consistent profitability. This calls for a well-planned loyalty program that can significantly influence customer acquisition and retention. Reciproci is a Customer Experience & Loyalty Management cloud based product that allows seamless experience for the customer whether online or in real world. The solution supports Web, Mobile and PoS interfaces. Reciproci is built on Artificial Intelligence (AI), Augmented realty (AR), Bots and Mobile First approach. The product is shipped with a mobile app for both iOS and Android. Reciproci is proximity marketing enabled (Using Beacons) and supports an exceptional degree of personalization. It has built-in CRM features (includes integration adapters - for existing CRM systems) and a state-of-the-art recommendation engine. The product has been a game changer for leading retail, airlines, and hospitality & loyalty businesses in the world.

Perks Come Easy
Reciproci has been enabling a myriad of benefits. Loyal / Repeat customers are identified and addressed by their name when they walk-in to stores. Hyper personalized content is served based on proximity near or in the store (using beacons), their interactions online, past purchases, and body type. The product also enriches higher conversion rate in-store. This is done by availing the right information at the right time to the right channel; specifically, the offline channel. The store sales is presented in real time with customer preferences (Colors, Sizes & Patterns), affinity and history, while interacting with customer.
An on demand stylist is always available in online and offline modes. The retailer by offering this creates a unique red carpet experience. A Loyalty program such is efficient bringing more value to the retailer and reduces costs by decreasing unnecessary discounting.

The company combines best practices in Agile engineering with collaborative problem solving to deliver on-point solutions to problems

A second instalment to the portfolio, Reciproci F&B, is a product targeted on the Food and beverage industry. The product is designed keeping in mind few business type specifics like single / multiple Restaurants / Cafes owners, restaurant chain Business Manager / Marketing executive, or Customer looking out for point based or stamp based loyalty program. The solution offers to allow clients to customize the look and feel of the app with their brand guide to provide a more personalized experience. With the help of Reciproci Admin Tool, the client can create product categories to be displayed in the App. Using the same admin tool, simple and complex promotions can be created. Proximity based promotion is the new hot shot in marketing domain. Reciproci F&B with beacons placed in store creates a proximity range and any customer passing in the range with the app can be identified. These identified customers can then receive these personalized, time bound promotions with call to action for conversion. Not just for customers’ customers, this product simplifies processes for the store managers as well. The store managers can Identifying Customers at POS, Mapping bill to customer, Track Customer redemption, View all and customer specific transaction details, and view notifications.

TechTree is a team of highly skilled full stack business and technical architects, software developers, product and UI/UX specialist partner. Leveraging such a dynamic combination, TechTree IT Systems builds products, fulfilling the consumer’s (or customer’s) technology requirements while excelling in service. The company combines best practices in Agile engineering with collaborative problem solving to deliver on-point solutions to problems. TechTree delivered a solution powering the sale of 650000 Railway tickets on web and mobile channels, for the world’s second largest rail network. The company is also attributed with few cutting edge implementations involving Wearable, NFC and BLE beacon enabled mobile apps. With such achievements testifying TechTree’s potential, it is safe to state that the company is on a roll for some stellar innovations in the years to come.