Tyco Security Products: Specific yet Comprehensive Security Solutions

CIO Vendor As the vulnerability of businesses to data theft grows, so does the need for an all-inclusive physical security. Consequently, this calls for a seamless integration of access control systems with sub systems such as video surveillance, intrusion and fire, etc. A representative of Johnson Controls, Bengaluru headquartered, Tyco Security Products brings in an absolute range of customer-centric solutions such as video security, access control, and location based security and intrusion security at a competitive price. Tyco Security Products distributes its focus over hospitality, healthcare, oil & gas, transportation, education, retail, residential, banking, and government. At the same time, Johnson Controls is a global diversified technology and multi industrial leader serving a wide range of customers. Over the years, Johnson Controls has been leveraging its expertise in providing intelligent buildings, efficient energy solutions, integrated infrastructure and next generation transportation systems.

In India, contemporary solution providers struggle to deliver end to end organizational setup to the customers. Tyco not only concentrates on selling products but on building long term and trust worthy customer relationships. This has led the customer to enjoy the product for many years in the post sales process completion- aptly termed as post-sales relation. A universal truth as it is, the post sales relationship in electronic industry is crucial to evolve newer technologies. It also helps the provider to interact with the customers multiple times.

Given that sales is a onetime process, the possibility of retaining the customer time and again is dependent on how the long term post sales relationship is enjoyed by the customers. Tyco has invested heavily in this portion of business. Tyco has an in-house pre-sales team, dedicated India support team, repair and warranty support center and a dedicated engineering division product management and marketing support division. This caters to an end to end organizational relationship, the ingredient, not many organizations have stirred in their business.

Rajeev Samanta, Regional Sales Director- India at Tyco Security Products, explains the density of use cases in the healthcare sector that requires attention, including employee and visitor security, secured narcotics and other valuable assets. Being a vertical driven organization, Tyco renders solutions that are compliant to pharma industry regulatory parameters. Imbibing environment regulations, Tyco’s integrated access control security system has inbuilt analytics assist healthcare providers in their objective towards a secured network.
A certification by 3 party cyber protection guidelines, gives Tyco an unmatched credibility and license to proudly deliver multiple solutions and address minutely specific customary parts. Besides, Tyco’s in house industry expert founded a healthcare advisory council made up of industry leaders in healthcare security. These healthcare experts help to better understand the changing needs and requirements while building a product roadmap that will meet the ever growing healthcare security needs in future.

Tyco has One of the Largest Security Product Portfolio
Tyco products are built by developers from all product disciplines, consistently allowing customers to see, do, and save more across multiple industries and segments including healthcare, government, transportation, finance, retail, commercial and residential. Across the globe, Tyco Security Products helps protect 42 percent of Fortune 500 companies’ transportation systems on five continents, 37 percent of the world’s top 100 retailers, over two million commercial enterprises, thousands of students in more than 900 educational facilities, and over five million private residences. Having realized that it’s not the product’s definition but the product’s function that is going to help the customers serve their business objectives, Tyco builds the elements of intelligence/ analytics from ground up approach, and the product attributes follow. The latter steps involve re-analyzing the whole performance parameters and bringing out inference for the customers in analytic reports. This is applicable for video surveillance, and access control management solutions. Proficient engineers specializing in Video Security, Access Control, Location Based Security and Intrusion Security provide Tyco Security Products a competitive advantage when it comes to system integration.

Tyco Security Products objectively works to avail all its solutions over cloud while ensuring end to end cyber protection

Tyco Security Products conducts business in over 176 countries around the world, in multiple languages and employs over 2,700 employees globally, including research and development, marketing, manufacturing, sales, service and logistics teams in the Americas, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and Asia Pacific. The core differentiator for Tyco Security Products is its ability to assist clients to get recognized in the myriad of business in the same sector especially in access control space by offering in-house controllers on application layers. Tyco Security Products objectively works to avail all its solutions over cloud while ensuring end to end cyber protection. With a plethora of brands of repute, in the years to come, Tyco Security Products has works underway for solutions against cyber espionage, cloud readiness, analytics and Artificial Intelligence.