Web Werks: The Architectural Vision of Data Centers in India

CIO Vendor The amount of data being generated around the world is phenomenal. This has triggered the rapid growth of data centers across the world. Drastic Internet traffic and migration to cloud based services have shifted the way data centers are connected. Data center interconnect (DCI) has emerged as the main driving force for innovation and spending, shaking up the entire structure of the industry. The Data Center Interconnect (DCI) market is experiencing explosive global growth with content, service and hosting providers seeking direct connection of contents to end users. This shift of content closer to the user is causing the continued disintermediation of ISPs while fuelling arguments about paid or unpaid arrangements.

Growing on a global scale, the forces pushing the DCI market are often overlooked, which are the Internet Exchanges (IXs). Largely untapped sector, their numbers are increasing worldwide. If data center operators are to continue meeting customer expectations, the need to build an optimized data center interconnect infrastructure that can be scaled indefinitely becomes essential. DCI-optimized networks are necessary to eliminate data bottlenecks and to accommodate the enormous demand for flexible and cost-efficient growth. ICPs, CSPs and the likes are all aware that technologies ‘purposefully-built’ for interconnecting data centers are needed. Without it the entire business organization world will be unable to continue their current business momentum, resulting in direct financial consequences. With respect to Indian context, the fundamental shift towards DCI-optimized technology requires continued business expansion which is probably pioneered by Navi-Mumbai based Datacenter Service provider Web Werks. The company is TIER 3 and TIER 4 Data center service provider in India and one of the 11 empanelled companies to provide cloud services to Government of India. The company handles close to 150 ISP connected data centers and is the host to the largest internet exchange in their data center. Web Werks has existing data centers in Mumbai, Navi Mumbai and Pune, while the upcoming sites are Bangalore and NCR.

WAR, Peering and Latency: A Data- Center Checklist in Indian Internet Market
Earlier during 2017, world’s largest Internet Exchange (IX) point, DE-CIX had signed a MoU that contributed to Indian Internet Ecosystem and ushered a maximum availability of content. The affordable and streamlined interconnection of this partnership offers quality-oriented services assisting the peering members to perform optimally.
With approximately 49 networks slotted to get connected in datacenters of Web Werks, and the IX managing several GB per sec of traffic, the company is eyeing towards becoming the largest IX in India while roping-in the National exchange too.

Web Werks has the lowest latency in its services providing user interactivity and productivity with their connectivity advantages of datacenter

Being the focal point of providing internet in Indian market, Web werks keeps Disaster Recovery Plan on top of its list. Assuming, that an organization’s primary work area, such as an office building, is suddenly unavailable or destroyed, best business continuity planning should provide for recovery of ‘employee work areas’ so that the normal or near-normal business operations can resume as soon as possible. Web werks provides its cloud services to maintain business continuity process and work area recovery (WAR). Web Werks provide minimum Recovery Point Objective (RPO) and Recovery Time Objective (RTO) - the most important parameters of a disaster recovery or data protection plan. These are the objectives which can guide enterprises to choose an optimal data backup plan. Along with this, another important consideration is the latency and especially the low latency. Recent changes in applications in many sectors have brought low latency to the forefront of those industries. The finance industry and its algorithmic trading is a commonly quoted example of a key market for which low latency is critical. Web Werks has the lowest latency in its services providing user interactivity and productivity with their connectivity advantages of datacenter.

Managing Billing and Security Surprises with Colocation
Varied reasons create situations for businesses to choose a collocation over building its own data center. But one most important reason is the CAPEX associated with it. In the past, colos were often used by private enterprises for disaster recovery. For some, collocation or an ‘on-premise, may be the ideal situation, but few factors like skill, infrastructure, security level, equipment and scalability are important and Web Werks ensures these compliances to the needs of the business, providing acceleration in terms of power, by providing subscribed security which removes the need of finding a 3rd party vendors. The grid connectivity, the top line ‘next generation’ USPs and ‘Harmonic Distortion Prevention’ transformers ensure best performances. With technical complexities, Web Werks offers advanced Data Center Solutions that aids all the technical needs of businesses. The company is vying the country’s top slot while collaborating with mission-critical applications and data within their highly reliable and secured Datacenters.