ZingHR: From Employee Life Cycle to Employee Welfare Management

CIO Vendor How do we hire the best people in a tight global job market? How do we engage and retain top talent? How do we re-skill people and build a new generation of leadership?

On the ground level, this requires a fresh, authentic and real time approach to talent management. Headquartered in Mumbai, ZingHR delivers talent management, geofencing, Performance Management, Training, Time & Attendance, Payroll and Expense Management by leveraging Machine Learning and HR Analytics to provide cutting edge solutions for the new age HR.

ZingHR is a tool that brings real time data for realtime analytics enclosing real time engagement tool, real time performance management tool and a real time collaboration tool. ZingHR has embedded Machine Learning into the entire transaction of real time collaboration tool to identify strong potential candidates. ZingHR has empowered over 7,00,000 users across 500+ companies worldwide with 24+ HRMS modules.

The entire talent acquisition process starts from demand forecasting by having multiple sources right from an internal database to the job portal to career sites and to social media platforms. This is typically followed by sorting out and analyzing the sole interest of candidates. However, this also serves for looking at passive candidates. With too much data in the market, attracting and short-listing people is one part. The second aspect involves the passive candidates who have not applied for the job. This aspect is necessary to count because some of the real talent and skills that a business is looking for might be the passive candidates. These candidates are not on social media and they have not applied for the job on a job portal.

ZingHR brings to the table a unique active and passive talent acquisition platform, built over multi-source applicant tracking system. This platform accesses global job sites like- Naukri, Monster and Shine etc. And once the candidate is sourced, from 1000 resumes, through ZingHR’s ML, auto intelligent parsing, his/her skills, competencies and personality is analyzed. Post this, the algorithm produces the shortlisted candidates giving priority to the candidates who are predicted to be successful in that company, and also identifies bad hires, before onboarding. Once shortlisted, the entire reported interview is made visible, along with the use of cognitive tools and ML tools, analyzing the facial expressions, speech and personality.

With parameters like skills, competencies and personality, better prediction is possible as to how successful these candidates will be in the company. Once the candidates are interviewed and finalized, digital on-boarding follows (Aadhaar based in India), taking care of the bank validations and getting all the statutory forms built-in.
“Onboarding enables branding for the company and to fetch the right talent, ours is a complete solution of budgeting, multi-sourcing to identifying passive candidates through ML to digital on-boarding. This is a very holistic approach of improving their efficiencies by more than 80-89 percent”, says Prasad Rajappan, Founder and MD, ZingHR.

HR Functions on the GO
Processes tend to get complicated for a new joinee in a huge MNC. ZingHR innovates to make the road easier for the new employee as well the employer. Once a person joins in, ZingHR’s platform facilitates a voice based multilingual chatbot, thereby engaging the candidate and the employer, both on the same platform in real time. Fresh employee, ZingHR provides the entire claim form, whereas for sales, there are provisions for geofencing, and geo-tagging on handheld devices (smart phones). An employee traveling for local or external affairs is allowed to put the claims in the mobile platform linked to a payment card Zeta. Zeta has been ZingHR’s long term partner. To put simply, the employee can move from A to B location and can be tracked real time, get a claim and get the money transferred to the Zeta card.

ZingHR has empowered over 7,00,000 users across 500+ companies worldwide with 24+ HRMS modules

During appraisals, companies make the candidates work on their KPIs or the balance sheets while the real talent remains hidden elsewhere. To help resolve this pain point, ZingHR has embedded Microsoft power BI with real time data, to spot the right talent, arrive at fast decision making, ensuring a high performing talent and engaging and retaining the talent at the same time. Eventually, if the person wishes to leave the company, he/she can now do the exit in the mobile itself. Another wonder for employee welfare, the Zing Live Doc by ZingHR, is an aadhaar based digital locker where the employees get their payslips or Form 16 or appraisal returns or increment letters. “From bringing a candidate onboard to payroll to learning to exit and post exit engagement through cloud and Machine Learning; we do it all on mobile”, adds Prasad Rajappan.

With a present employee’s record of 7 lakhs, ZingHR has started to penetrate into Middle East, Singapore, Australia, North America, and Africa. As Rajappan explains, CFOs are all about controls governance and analytics. Whereas, CIOs look out for a scalable platform, from security point of view, upgrades and other technical issues, checks for real time data, reliability and analytics in their mobile. Aware of these exceptional demands, ZingHR has been addressing the requirements via flexible, robust, and cloud first platform in the region.