Softomotive: Performance Acceleration through RPA Solutions

Marios Stavropoulos, CEO

It is very convenient to believe that companies that master automation will dominate the industries. Enterprises, as well as the employees, have embraced the technology with open arms, as it has reduced their workload and redirected the workforce to perform value added tasks, instead of routine tasks, reducing costs and minimizing errors. Softomotive, headquartered in London, provides an exceptionally smooth RPA(Robotic Process Automation)journey by allowing user to start small, learn quickly and scale seamlessly. Softomotive makes it easy for enterprises to adopt a pragmatic, agile approach to process automation. By doing so, the company provides a unique gateway to process automation. Softomotive’s aim is to empower businesses to realize their full potential by having their own robot to put mundane, routine parts of their work on autopilot. Softomotive takes a people first approach to RPA.

The primary challenge that troubles businesses is to identify the start point for their RPA implementation. This uncertainty prevents businesses from making a solid business case, especially in ROI projections. Softomotive provides new capabilities of process discovery /mining tools in their RPA platform in order to reduce overall project risk and avoid high upfront costs delivering a positive ROI.

Moreover, in the recently conducted survey titled,“Softomotive Global Study 2018, RPA Solutions for Growth Companies”,600companies’ worldwide participated to reveal that 50 percent of the respondents are still at discovery and trial stage of their RPA journey. This supports the fact that the RPA market is looking forward to significant growth in the next few years and interestingly the companies in India are also at a similar stage of RPA maturity with 47 percent are at the discovery /trial stage.“The RPA market is evolving and whilst initially focused on unattended automation(robots working independently of humans), particularly in the back office, there is a significant shift now towards attended automation(robots interacting with humans) to augment human performance by freeing valuable time for more value-added activities. This suggests that much of the market growth in the future will come from
attended automation”, states Marios Stavropoulos,CEO, Softomotive.

Powerful RPA Solution to Improve Productivity
Softomotive recognizes that one size does not fit all. Hence, this RPA enabler offers a portfolio designed to meet the diverse needs of individuals, small teams,growth companies, and large enterprises. Both attended and unattended process automation solutions are delivered by Softomotive through powerful and robust RPA technology from desktop installation to server based software. These offerings are quick to deploy, easy to use and therefore provides a value for money.WinAutomation and Process Robot are the two process automation solutions providedby Softomotive. WinAutomation provides a powerful, robust and easy to use Windows-based platform for building software robots while Process Robot includes enterprise-grade security and controls, with links to best of breed AI technologies and benefits from automating mundane, repetitive processes in attended (robots interacting with people) or unattended(robots working independently) mode.

"Both attended and unattended process automation solutions are delivered by Softomotive through powerful and robust RPA technology"

However, RPA is not only suitable for large scale enterprises but for medium scale enterprise too. In fact,it can be instrumental to help such firms remain relevant to compete against larger, better resourced competitors; and to grow without necessarily adding head count. One such firm is Scandinavian Logistics Partners AB(Scanlog). This rapidly expanding logistics company specializing in international transports is using Process Robot from Softomotive to help transform its order booking process and develop a smarter workflow. With Process Robot handling increasing numbers of customer orders, Scanlog has fortified a prominent position in the logistics sector, and can deliver a speedier shipping service for its clients. Further, Scanlog has also planned to automate their many other processes with Process Robot. The company is currently exploring how the robot could support real-time freight tracking, update currency rates every day in its financial systems, process supplier & customer invoices and help to prepare customized reports & KPIs.

Trusted by more than 8,000 companies worldwide, Softomotive is a specialist RPA vendor with deep technical expertise covering both attended and unattended process automation. The company started with WinAutomation and led to the introduction of Process Robot. Now Softomotive has unique process automation portfolio comprising of both desktop based and distributed server based software serving the needs of professionals, teams, and enterprises of all sizes.